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- How to Employ an Apprentice -
The aim of this section is to help you to deliver your apprenticeship successfully in your business and make contact with bespoke apprenticeship training experts who can provide advice, guidance and customised delivery support.
Apprentices offer a way to develop your workforce by giving you the skills your business requires. An apprentice in an employee who will combine on the job training with possible off the job training to gain an industry recognised qualification.  Your chosen training provider will offer guidance and support around recruitment, pay, funding and qualifications.
  What do I need to do? What should I expect from my provider?
Choose your apprenticeship standard
Choose your apprenticeship standard

Now that you have decided to take on an apprentice, you can select the relevant employer designed standard and see details of the associated funding cap on this website.

Prepare for the delivery of the apprenticeship
Prepare for the delivery of the apprenticeship

Next, you will need to choose the education and training provider(s) to deliver the training and assessment to your apprentice, appointing a lead provider to co-ordinate the training programme for you.

As with any other commercial process, you will need to agree a provisional price for this service as part of the discussion.

The lead provider will help co-ordinate the funding and the delivery of the apprenticeship
Confirm your eligibility
Confirm your eligibility Now go ahead and recruit your apprentice.
Don’t forget you can use the Find an apprenticeship to advertise your opportunity. Your provider can help you with this.

Your provider can help you advertise your vacancies using this free service, and can provide an end to end recruitment service.

Once the apprentice is recruited, the lead provider can then help you to check and confirm whether you are eligible for the small employer and 16 to 18 incentive payments.

Finalise apprenticeship delivery
Finalise apprenticeship delivery You are now ready to agree a final price with your chosen providers based on your individual apprentice’s needs. Before the apprentice can start, draw up your written agreement with your lead provider so the responsibilities are set out clearly.  If appropriate, the lead provider will then co-ordinate payment arrangements with your other providers and ensure they are ready for delivery
Start the apprenticeship
Start the apprenticeship Your apprentice can now be employed. One key thing to complete is an apprenticeship agreement with your apprentice.  Your lead provider can then register your employed apprentice with the Skills Funding Agency.
Train the apprentice
the apprentice
Throughout the delivery of the apprenticeship, make sure you are receiving any employer incentive payments you are eligible for through the lead provider; similarly ensure that the lead provider is also receiving your employer contributions. Your providers will now be training your apprentice up to the standard, working with you to help them develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out in the standard. The lead provider will also be collecting and confirming your employer contributions, whilst also receiving any incentive payments and transferring them in full to you.
Assess the apprentice
the apprentice
Once the apprentice has completed the endpoint assessment, confirm with the assessment organisation that the apprentice has achieved the apprenticeship standard. Your agreed assessment organisation will assess your apprentice with the end-point assessment.
Conplete the apprenticeship
Conplete the apprenticeship Congratulations, your apprentice has now successfully completed the apprenticeship! Make sure you receive the completion payment through the lead provider. After the apprentice successfully completes the apprenticeship, they will receive a certificate. Your lead provider will then communicate and confirm this with the Skills Funding Agency. The lead provider will also receive the completion payment and pass it in full to you.

The first trailblazer groups began in October 2013 with larger employer groups –  the idea is that groups of employers work together to design the standards and assessment plans for their sector.The government’s ambition is for all apprenticeship that start from the 2017/18 Academic Year to be on new standards and assessments designed by employers.  In order to progress towards this goal they have developed a staged approach to delivery via ‘Trailblazer’ groups.  Trailblazers are groups of employers who have come together to design and test new apprenticeship standards.

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