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- Jessica Rubinson -
Apprentice Coat Maker
Jessica RubinsonEdward Sexton
• Born – 04/02/1994
• Mentor – Henry Humphries, Coat Maker
• Education - Savile Row Academy

What is your role at Edward Sexton?

I am an apprentice coat maker.


When did you first become interested in tailoring?

When I was doing my A levels I was really stuck between wanting to go into fashion and doing something a bit different. I came upon tailoring because it runs in my family; most on my father’s side are in the industry. I thought it would be a good way to get into fashion but little did I know I would become so engrossed by it that I would pursue it as a career.


What is your educational background?

I applied to several bespoke tailoring courses but attended Savile Row Academy at Maurice Sedwell. I was there for a year and a half and completed courses in coat making, waistcoat making and trouser making.


Who gave you your first opportunity in tailoring?

Andrew at Maurice Sedwell recommended me to Edward Sexton and I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity with Edward. It is normally difficult to find an apprenticeship so soon after finishing a tailoring course, however I happened to apply just as another apprentice had left Sexton’s. I finished the course at Savile Row Academy and started my apprenticeship straight away.


What is a day in the life like for you at Edward Sexton?

It completely depends on the time of year, recently it has been so hectic but on a day to day basis I could be doing bastes, making up sleeves and backs or doing the pockets. I have just recently started to learn how to put facings on the jacket which has been really interesting.


Is there anything you had wished you had known before you started this journey?

How cut-throat the job is because so many people want to be a coat maker, people come in here regularly looking for an apprenticeship but there are only so many of us that can work in a tailoring house. I feel bad when people call or visit because I was once in their position and know what it is like to be searching and hoping for an opportunity.


What has been your most exciting moment at Edward Sexton?

Making a suit for Tinie Tempah, it was a royal blue flannel single breasted jacket that he wore to the Ambassador’s Project during London Collections: Men in January. It had coloured specks in the cloth, big lapels and a rolled over sleeve head. He was photographed in it a lot and it was amazing to see something I had helped make seen by the public eye and all over social media.


What are you working on right now?

Mostly just normal navy mohair jackets; this is a common choice for new customers who want to start off with something simple and basic. They usually then experiment more with colour and cloth when they come in for another suit.


What is your favourite aspect of tailoring?

At the moment it is when I finish a whole baste and then Edward will let me see it on the customer when they come in for a fitting. Seeing the work on the customer is so different to when you look at it on your work board. It looks even better on a human body and I feel so proud knowing that it is work that I have done on a happy customer.


What advice would you give to anybody who wants to get into the bespoke tailoring industry?

If things are not happening for you right away don’t give up, spend time practising what you know because it is easy to forget things. Keep pushing different tailoring houses and if nothing is happening try and find tailors who work from home or in workshops around London. It may seem like a lot of toil but it will be worth it if you get some work experience because you will learn invaluable skills.