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Daniel McDonaldHenry Poole & Co.
• Born - 18/04/1993
• Mentor – Craig Featherstone, Director and Senior Cutter
• London College of Fashion

What is your role at Henry Poole?

I’m an apprentice cutter.


When did you first become interested in tailoring?

Around the age of seventeen whilst I was at college studying womenswear corsetry is when I really became interested. I wanted to forge a career with my skills and I was pushed in the direction of tailoring, it was a natural progression.


What is your educational background?

I studied fashion and clothing at New College Nottingham and I completed a degree in tailoring at London College of Fashion.


Who gave you your first opportunity in tailoring?

My very first opportunity in tailoring was given to me by Anderson & Sheppard; I did a day’s work experience there whilst I was at LCF and got a taste of life on Savile Row shadowing Mr John Hitchcock. However Henry Poole is where I consider it all to have started. I couple of days before I graduated I heard from a friend at university that they were looking for an apprentice, so I rang and was given an interview. Funnily enough my interview was on the day of my graduation so on the way to my University I popped into the shop, had the interview and was basically offered the job on the spot. I did four weeks of work experience before I officially joined Henry Poole as an apprentice cutter.


What is a day in the life like at Henry Poole?

It’s chaotic in the best way possible; with the trips that the guys take there is always something to do. They are on their way back from the US right now then up next we have China and Japan. We also hold the Royal Livery Warrant for Her Majesty the Queen, this entails working with the Royal Mews.


Is there anything you had wished you had known before you started this journey?

I came out of university believing I had substantial amount of knowledge about tailoring, but I guess I wished I had known that when you come into an environment like this there is so much more you could have covered. You have to start from the bottom of the rung, build yourself up and along the way apply the knowledge that you already have.


What has been your most exciting moment at Henry Poole?

Getting the apprenticeship was so surreal because I know many who come out of university or college having studied tailoring but never get the opportunity to do what they want to do. The bespoke tailoring industry is effectively quite small for the amount of interest in it so it’s a big achievement to get your foot in the door, especially a Savile Row door.


What are you working on right now?

Now the China and Japan trips are coming up we’re are just finishing a few things for that before we send the trunks out at the end of the month. The USA trip has just finished so I’m starting work on the orders that are coming back from there.


What is your favourite aspect of tailoring?

It is nice to be part of something that is still so pure; the fashion industry still hasn’t gotten its grasp on bespoke tailoring so it is still free to be what it has always been. The tradition and heritage still remains on Savile Row and I am very pleased about that.


What advice would you give to anybody that wants to get into the bespoke tailoring industry?

Start early, make decisions quickly and just go for it; if you want it enough it will happen for you.  There are a lot of people that will tell you that this industry is dying but yet I arrive at nine in the morning and I hardly sit down or stop working till five in the evening. It is very much alive and kicking so if you want to be part of it work hard for it.