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All the trainees here have demonstrated that dedication and commitment have been important in their career journey. As you will see they have come from very different backgrounds, often with varied experiences and are well on their way to achieving a place in the industry.

The recent Renaissance in bespoke British tailoring has led to a demand for young trainees to uphold the exacting standards of this specialist industry. With this renewed interest in handcrafted garments, tailoring is witnessing a revival.

Tailors and cutters create custom-made bespoke suits, jackets and coats for men and women. An individual may make the whole garment, or work in a team where each member has a speciality. If you are interested in textiles and fashion and enjoy working with people, this job could be ideal. You will need to learn sewing skills and demonstate these skills to a high standard. You will also need to gain knowledge on a wide variety of fabrics.

Many young people begin their career journey without any qualifications and learn whilst working with a Master Tailor within a particular tailoring house.  You may be able to arrange this yourself, or you could apply to join an Apprenticeship scheme. College courses specialising in fashion and textiles also provide an opportunity to learn some of the skills you will require. Find out more by reading  our apprentice profiles.

Apprentices tend to stay with the tailoring house once their training has been completed. Historically, bespoke tailoring has been an industry dominated by men, but today female apprentices are acquiring tailoring roles or choosing to become front-of-house cutters. The gender split between apprentices to date in London is 55% female to 45% male.

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