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- Artist:Artisan -
Artist:Artisan, the collaborative exhibition between four Central Saint Martins Fashion MA Graduates and four new generation Savile Row apprentices.
Artist:Artisan, 2nd June, 2015

Artist:Artisan was the inaugural exhibition held at the Soho gallery Masion Mais Non, the show was a collaboration between the 2015 graduates of Central Saint Martin’s MA in Fashion and the tailors of Savile Row. They represented the worlds most prestigious young designers and the most prestigious artisans. Each look was exhibited alongside two supporting pieces; one that was pure CSM and the other pure Savile Row. The pieces highlighted the creative relationship between designers and tailor.

Artist: Artisan was formed under the creative direction of Micheal Neeson, who has previously worked at Chittleborough & Morgan and under Phoebe Philo at Celine.

Micheal Neeson and Topes Calland outside Maison Mais Non Gallery.


Hayley Grundmann and Anderson & Sheppard.

Charles Jeffrey  and Chittleborough & Morgan.

Krystyna Kozhoma and Richard Anderson.

Masha Reva and Kathryn Sargent.